The Energy Route

Sines is a national reference in terms of energy production.
Learn how the energy you use in your day-to-day is generated, by visiting the main companies linked to the sector: The Galp Energia Refinery, the EDP Thermal Power Plant and REN.

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The Environment Route

Concerns with the environment are common to all people and organizations, and it is essential to seek innovative solutions that increases the levels of sustainability in societies.
The Environment Route gives you the opportunity to visit companies that make the reuse of raw materials as their business.

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The Logistics Route

The Port of Sines - the Atlantic gateway to Europe - plays a critical role in the economic and business dynamics of the region and the country.
As part of the logistics area of the Port of Sines, Docapesca is a mandatory visiting point on this route. Go through all the port terminals and prove it for yourself.

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