The Port of Sines is an open deep-water seaport, leading the Portuguese port sector in the volume of cargo handled, and offering unique natural conditions on the Portuguese coast to receive any type of vessels. Equipped with modern specialized terminals, the port is able to handle all different types of cargoes, it is open to the sea, and has excellent sea accessibility without constraints.

Sines is the main port on the Ibero-atlantic front, whose geophysical characteristics have been critical to its consolidation as a strategic national asset. It is the country’s main gateway in terms of energy supply (crude and its derivatives, coal and natural gas), as well as an important port as far as general and containerized cargo is concerned, with a high growth potential, having become a reference port at Iberian, European and Worldwide level.

It is a modern port (built in 1978), built under a reference master-plan, free from urban constraints, thus assuring long-term expansion capacity. Offering good land accessibility for present-day traffic, the port is also included within a road and rail development plan that will allow it to respond to the expected future growth of both the port and the region.

The Port of Sines and its support Industrial and Logistics Area, with more than 2,000 ha, are already a worldwide logistics platform, able to receive the main players in the port, maritime, industrial and logistics sectors.


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About APS

The Vision and strategic Mission of Port of Sines are:


To be a more efficient and competitive port by taking advantage of its infra-structures and physical and geographical characteristics, thus consolidating itself as a national strategic active, playing an important role within the European and worldwide port context.


To assure the fulfilment of the competencies and attributions concerning the planning; update; promotion and regulation of the Port of Sines, always aiming to avail its resources in a rationalised and optimised way, as well as the economic and operational efficiency by complying the safety and environmental requirements – providing satisfaction to its clients and value added on the Iberian and European market.


The Port of Sines Strategic Plan was put into effect in 2002, comprising the period from 2003 to 2015, and based on the following development guiding lines:

  • Reinforcement of the Port’s role in the supplying of energetic products to the country
  • Consolidation of the Container Terminal activity within the European and Worldwide market
  • Consolidation of the port authority management model as concessions’ manager
  • Strong bet on the enhancement of Human Resources
  • Active participation on the economic development of both the port and the region