La central termoeléctrica de Sines se sitúa a unos 8 kilómetros al sur de la ciudad de Sines, junto al mar, en un lugar llamado São Torpes. Es una central alimentada con carbón que fue construida en la década de los ochenta y que forma parte del plan de construcción de la zona industrial de Sines con el objetivo de responder a la creciente demanda de energía y a la reducción de la dependencia del petróleo. Fue construida y sigue siendo gestionada por EDP, y actualmente todavía es la central alimentada con carbón con más potencia del país, con 1256 MW distribuidos por 4 grupos de 314 MW.

Los grupos inyectan la energía producida en la red primaria de 400 kV, a excepción del grupo 1 que inyecta en la red de 150 kV directamente relacionada con el suministro de la zona sur del país. La potencia máxima emitida era inicialmente de 298 MW y tras la instalación del sistema de desulfurización pasó para 295 MW.


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Acerca de EDP

EDP is a leading company in the energy sector and we include in our culture values and commitments regarding our customers, society and environment.

Our vision to be an integrated energy company, a leader in value creation in the markets where we can make a difference is shared by the universe of EDP employees, spread across different continents and countries, a diversity that enriches us and brings us together in the respect for the different cultures of the markets where we operate.

We are among the major European operators in the energy sector; we are one of the largest energy operators of the Iberian Peninsula, the largest Portuguese industrial group and the 3rd largest producer of wind energy.

Besides the electricity sector – generation, distribution and trading – we also have a significant presence in the gas sector of the Iberian Peninsula.

We integrate the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes World for the eighth consecutive year, the world’s most demanding ranking, that distinguishes the best performing companies on issues related to transparency, sustainability and excellence in economic management and social environment.


A global energy company, a leader in value creation, innovation and sustainability.


Trust … in shareholders, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders
Excellence… in the way we do things
Initiative… displayed in our people’s behaviour and attitudes
Innovation… in order to create value in the different areas in which we operate
Sustainability… with a view to improving the quality of life of present and future generations


Commitments to customers

  • We put ourselves in our customers’ place whenever we make decisions.
  • We listen to our customers and answer simply and transparently.
  • We surprise our customers by anticipating their needs.

Commitments to people

  • We combine ethical conduct and professional integrity with initiative and focus on teamwork.
  • We nurture the development of merit and skills.
  • We believe that a work-life balance is essential to our success.

Commitments to sustainability

  • We shoulder the social and environmental responsibilities resulting from our actions and contribute to the development of the regions in which we operate.
  • We sustainably reduce specific greenhouse gas emissions from the energy we generate.
  • We actively promote energy efficiency.

Commitments to results

  • We fulfil the commitments that we make to our shareholders.
  • We lead by our capacity to anticipate and execute.
  • We demand excellence in everything we do.