DOCAPESCA – 港口及渔业公司是一家葡萄牙国营企业,隶属农业部和海洋部。根据3月27日第107/90号法令,该公司为葡萄牙大陆提供渔业一手交易的公共服务,支持渔业及渔业港口领域的发展。

这就意味着DOCAPESCA公司在葡萄牙大陆地区有多处经营场所,但总部设在里斯本。 DOCAPESCA公司由六个分支机构组成,即: 北部分公司、马托西纽什分公司、中北部分公司、中部分公司、中南部分公司以及南部分公司。





关于 Docapesca

Docapesca’s mission as a state-run company is to operate in the fishing sector, specifically in the first sale of catch and related activities. It is therefore responsible for putting in place the appropriate conditions for production and commercialisation by exploring new avenues and competences to ensure the creation of value for the company, its partners and society in general.

An anchor in the fishing sector, playing a crucial part in its innovation, growth and assurance of the finest catch, underpinned by a chain of value that is striving to expand, Docapesca intends to achieve and sustain a series of initiatives, by:

  • Innovation – implementing new methods and processes, new business and competences;
  • Investment in social responsibility, actively attending to the problems of the ship-owners/fishermen, especially in places traditionally dependent on extractive fishing, in close cooperation with local authorities; in environmental and civic responsibility and in food safety and quality (having introduced standardisation, certification and traceability of marine products and assurance of health and hygiene conditions);
  • Cooperation, inspiring trust by leading by example, in team work and contractual and business relations.