锡尼什港是一个开放型的深水港,其货物处理量领先葡萄牙所有海港,占据葡萄牙海岸得天独厚的自然条件,可接纳任何类型的船舶。 配备现代化专业化码头,可处理各种类型的货物,对大海呈现敞开的姿态,实现了绝佳的无限制海上通行。


锡尼什港属于现代港口(建于1978年),基于一项通航主计划而建成,不受城市规划的限制,从而确保了该港口长期的扩展能力。 同时,锡尼什港还基于公路和铁路建设规划,与现代交通具有良好的连通性,对未来港口与地域的潜在发展将可以很好地应对。




关于 APS

The Vision and strategic Mission of Port of Sines are:


To be a more efficient and competitive port by taking advantage of its infra-structures and physical and geographical characteristics, thus consolidating itself as a national strategic active, playing an important role within the European and worldwide port context.


To assure the fulfilment of the competencies and attributions concerning the planning; update; promotion and regulation of the Port of Sines, always aiming to avail its resources in a rationalised and optimised way, as well as the economic and operational efficiency by complying the safety and environmental requirements – providing satisfaction to its clients and value added on the Iberian and European market.


The Port of Sines Strategic Plan was put into effect in 2002, comprising the period from 2003 to 2015, and based on the following development guiding lines:

  • Reinforcement of the Port’s role in the supplying of energetic products to the country
  • Consolidation of the Container Terminal activity within the European and Worldwide market
  • Consolidation of the port authority management model as concessions’ manager
  • Strong bet on the enhancement of Human Resources
  • Active participation on the economic development of both the port and the region