锡尼什港电力公司于1978年开始运营,占地320公顷,拥有300万立方米的库容.,其中原油库容150万立方米,剩下的库容包括如天然气、汽油、柴油等一类的成品或半成品。 该电力公司由34个处理单元组成。



  •  汽油;
  •  柴油;
  •  液化石油气(LPG);
  •  燃料油;
  •  化工轻油(用于石化工业制造聚合物,进而制造塑料、面料纤维甚至口香糖);
  •  航空燃料(机用燃料);
  •  沥青(用于沥青和绝缘);
  •  硫(用于药品、农业和纸浆漂白)。


关于 Galp Energia

Galp Energia is an energy company – finding and extracting oil and natural gas from sites across four continents to deliver energy to millions of customers every day.  Energy on the move.

We are Portugal’s oil and natural gas integrated operator. Our activities span from exploration and production of oil and natural gas to refining and marketing oil products, natural gas marketing and sales and power generation.

Turnover: €17,904 million
EBITDA RCA: €1,314 million
Net profit RCA: €373 million
Number of employees: 6,855
Active presence in: 14 countries
Reserves 3P: 833 mambo
Average working interest production: 30,5 kboepd
Refineries: 2
Service stations: 1,449
Salesian natural gas: 7,472 mm³

The Galp Energia group consists of the company Galp Energia and its subsidiary companies, among them, Petróleos de Portugal – Petrogal S.A., GDP – Gás de Portugal, SGPS, S.A., Galp Power, SGPS, S.A., and Galp Energia, S.A., as well as by its customers, employees and shareholders. Its primary mission is to create value, based on ethically sound and transparent principles.

Galp Energia is the Portuguese company with more experience in the energy sector, having already three centuries of success. To accomplish success, its customer-oriented organisational structure is vital, not only for meeting customers’ needs but also for respecting integrity and transparency principles.

The activity of our Company is also based on key pillars, such as teamwork and individual development, entrepreneurship, results orientation, innovation and continuous improvement, and finally human and environmental safety.